About Me & Testimonials

Im Eric Alexander, a singer songwriter born and raised in Boulder. I had an early exposure to music beginning in second grade with the violin. In fourth and fifth grade I tried and failed to like the trumpet. By age 11 I picked up my first guitar, beginning an obsession. After high school, I became very interested in personal growth and development and took several ontological courses, as well as a renowned leadership program called the Introduction Leaders Program. I began singing under a coach for the first time at 18 and discovered a world of expression. I grew as a guitarist and singer, soon graduating to songwriter then producer. I am out to teach kids and teens growing up in a sometimes crazy world, an authentic form of expression. My mission as a teacher is, to create new context & positive coping skills through music. My parents gave me music, and now it is my gift to give.
Along my journey I have been blessed to experience many of the facets of the music industry. I have played the guitar for over ten years now, and have studied voice for three years under several amazing coaches. I have recorded in professional environments, and own professional recording gear.
I am now offering, Guitar Lessons (acoustic and electric), introductory-intermediate Vocal Coaching, as well as Recording and Sound Design.

If you would like to book a vocal coaching session, guitar lesson, or recording/mixing/mastering session please email me at eric@ericalexandermusic.com

As I work towards teaching out of my own studio, I will be teaching in home lessons.


“Eric has been working with my daughter on guitar for more than a year now. I am blown away by the music they have created, the confidence and skills my daughter has learned and how through Eric’s support she has found her voice! Thank you Eric for pouring your heart and soul into your lessons. You have changed my daughter’s life!!!”
~ Alisha K.

“Eric is an excellent guitar and vocal teacher. When my son (13 yo) decided to learn guitar, I started looking for a local guitar teacher thinking we didn’t have to be too picky for a beginner. A year and a half later, he’s made great progress and is still enthusiastic and motivated. Eric exceeded our expectation in terms of musicianship, teaching ability and professionalism. I would enthusiastically recommend Eric for any level of guitar and vocal instruction.”
~Owen S.

“Eric is a young bright talented teacher. He has taught me music theory, singing techniques, guitar chords, modes, and more importantly he has taught me how to listen. He opened my mind to new worlds of music. He showed me how the C Major chord has a certain feeling, a bright, lively spring day kind of feel, and how the thud of a muted string can be used in a song. I remember when we were in the studio recording the guitar part for one of my songs, we used a microphone that picks up every sound. this microphone was crazy sensitive and I will never hear things the same again.
Some of my favorite things he has taught me are the warmups, the breath support techniques, and the modes. We warm up with lip trills making a bubbly sound almost like a horse as we go through our range, noticing the air flow and our posture. This always equips my voice for singing and is so much fun in general. He tells me to think of hip posture as a tail like a dinosaur. Or back posture like a string pulling up your spine. He explains that correct posture allows for better breath support in singing, I have definitely noticed a difference!
Eric is kind and understanding and has a broad way of teaching. He can explain things from different angles if needed and he will consistently stick with the one that works for you. He knows so much about music, not in the textbook kind of way but in the, “I experienced it, I know this and more” kind of way. He goes beyond the five lined staff and shows you the full circle of music from emotion to techniques to the actual note itself. I have been working with Eric for almost two years. Through his musical genius, great sense of humor, and relaxed flow, he is not only my teacher, but a friend.”

~Emma S

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